Just Give Up … On Me

What took you so long?

You finally gave up on me. That’s what I wanted you do for me.

So I finally know that I lost you.

I always knew I don’t deserve something so beautiful.

Your kind of love is something different I thought. I guess I was wrong.

At least I now know I truly don’t need or want it.

Now I’ll fight my corner again till I finally give up on myself once more.


Now I’m curious of how I will die.


3 thoughts on “Just Give Up … On Me

      1. You just have to shake your head
        Look into the mirror and the person behind it
        Inside the mirror and the reflection both
        You see it all is always evident if you keep aside your hopes and wishful thinking

        Reality is evident and nothing can escape it.

        Blurry Cloudy Fuzzy all is in the mind.

        But yes it is difficult to see and understand the reality.

        Often when the other one is not in much contact or the discussions or events are not much happening. All then you are left is with thoughts, which keep clouding up until the time to rain !

        Let’s wait until those rains come and wash away all our pains 😉

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