Let Me Show You

Do you see it?

It’s as though something

Or someone

Showed me everything

To the point

My mind burns

Till my hands hurt

My eyes become strain

Till I forget to breathe

If not

Then I’ll show you


Stream of Consciousness #07


I know everything is tough right now. I know everything and everyone is against you. I know you feel like you gave so much and taken little. I know you think that no one loves you. I know you think you are not worthy. I know you can only trust certain people. I know that you know this is unhealthy. I know you. I see all of you. In fact, I am you. So I’m sorry to say that I’m sorry this is happening right now but you can get through this. So stop overthinking things. Just observe for now and see where it goes then make a plan for yourself only for you and no one else. For those who are affected by your final decision well … I hope one day they will understand.

Kind regards,

You ❤

Stream of Consciousness #06

Dear Me,

How dare you?! How can you just treat your own heart like that?? Your heart is precious like a diamond and yet you decided to find another rock and smash it into little bits. For goodness sake, know what you want and go after it instead of complaining about like a bitch! I know there’s something in you that you repressed so long. I think you forgot what it was. Come on. I know you know so pick yourself up like a soldier and keep fighting!

Kind regards,

You ❤

We’re Gods

As you held my hips down

I heard you groan for the first time

Knowing you enjoy pinning me down

And make me yours

Then I sat on top of you

My hands on your chest

And riding you nice and deep

We finally moved heaven, hell,

And the stars

Like Gods

Just like that