Lesson Learned

There was this girl who cried in the corner and hoping to be found. Now the light had touched her heart that made her laugh and cry. She finally know what love is suppose to look like. She realized love is not possessive and manipulative. Love is to embrace everything about each other despite the flaws. So she knows she need to be patient and be stubborn on the right things to see the light again.


For Everyone

Today, I decided to be grateful. Not because it is a holiday. Because I am even though I don’t see it yet. I know I am truly grateful of meeting someone who showed me love this year. I felt it all and wanted the best for that person. I will always be grateful for him because he is the reason why I choose to live. Choose to love instead of hate, greed, and all that negative emotions I have inside.

So please be good to each other, be kind to each other despite who they are, and lastly just be nice.

Thank you for reading this post

And I hope many of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving! ❤

Why I Write

It is the only thing I have. It never judged. It is a reflection of me. It is like rehab my own way. It helps me to find my way again instead of assuming that there’s nothing I can rely on. So why not continue to write as much as I can. It is everything to me. It brings me passion and peace. It gave me the reason to write no matter what I think or feel. So here I am making sure this blog is my life to which it is. Here we go.


I told myself that I don’t deserve love
And so I avoid people

I told myself I need pain
And so the cuts run deep

I told myself I’m fat and ugly
And so the foods consumed me

I told myself the purgatory is my home
And so the void touched my mind

Hope is an illusion
That I cannot keep


What do you want from me?

I have nothing to give

Don’t give me that look

That look makes me kneel

Just to surrender

While pounding my chest till it hurts

Mission Impossible

Will I ever be happy? Honestly, … I really don’t know. Happiness is something that only certain people can obtain. But for me … it feels impossible.

Im not empty. I am my own emotions. My emotions drive me to places to where I shouldn’t be. One day it will explode and I’m afraid of not able to put myself back together.