Home Away From Home

I always run away from home

To find another home

Just to look for something

I always knew the world has everything

That I want to experience


Stream of Consciousness #05

Dear Me,

You know this is not healthy. It’s not right. You two rely on each other too much. In the end, you two drive each other crazy–from pain to laughter. You still think he is still worth it. You still think he can be something. I must admit … I believe in him too because I saw it in his eyes like you have. If you are right then time will show us that you two belong together.

Now you deicide to be patient. Hehe.

Kind regards,


Just Let Me Die

I’m either living or dying.

My mind won’t choose. I’m always fighting in my mind that I can’t win.

There’s always a battle and I try to fight it but … I’m so tired.

I just want to give up.

I need someone to push me to finally give up on life. So I won’t fight anymore.