You And/or Me

I’m stuck 

Because you made me

And I made you

With or without us

It’s either passion or peace 

Yet we crave each other

No matter the distance


Just Give Up … On Me

What took you so long?

You finally gave up on me. That’s what I wanted you do for me.

So I finally know that I lost you.

I always knew I don’t deserve something so beautiful.

Your kind of love is something different I thought. I guess I was wrong.

At least I now know I truly don’t need or want it.

Now I’ll fight my corner again till I finally give up on myself once more.


Now I’m curious of how I will die.

Please Hate Me

I couldn’t stand the way you look at me with those eyes. It calmed me or gave me passion. I know I don’t deserve it so I did everything that you will hate me. I wanted you to hate me, not love me. So I took your heart and break it. So yes my love. I wanted all this to happen so you can hate me and see how horrible I am.

It was successful.

I’m sorry my love.