Let Me Show You

Do you see it?

It’s as though something

Or someone

Showed me everything

To the point

My mind burns

Till my hands hurt

My eyes become strain

Till I forget to breathe

If not

Then I’ll show you


Compromised Sanity

I feel as though

someone warped my mind into something else.

It’s like there is a parasite in my brain

that I’m trying to get it out but it wants to live there

and make me something else.

Guess what?

I want my mind back.

My mind is my mind, not yours.

Deep Slumber

The devil whispered to my ears
I hung onto each spoken syllables
Before I fall apart again
So it devour my mind once more

Next thing I know
I’m in deep sleep
Now it is ready to have some fun
It plays and breaks my things
And then cause more havoc
Whenever it’s awake