Beyond What’s Given

I know you see it

So don’t pretend

It is part of us

That divides our humanity

In the end

As long we get along

Everything will be alright


Stream of Consciousness #01

Dear Me,

What is going on? I know it hurts to move on but you have to. Please forget him. If you can’t then use that pain into something useful. Go and take over the world in your own way. And shout as loud as you can so people can hear you. Write as much as you can to show the world what you are capable of because you know you do.

Get your fix in this world. This time be patient. Be stubborn on the right things. And always be kind to others because they need it too like you do. Finally, be kind to yourself. So don’t take that blade. Put it away. In fact, throw it away in the lake! Just push through. Breathe.

Kind regards,

You ❤

Almost There

I breathe in it’s fires
Just to condemn myself
Only when hope is lost
And nothing more

Yet the vision is hanging on
Like a thread
Close yet almost gone
As if the light wants to disappear